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Laser liposuction is a sculpting technique that effectively transforms the fat space and sculpts the body’s surface anatomy.  To truly accomplish this, a surgeon must have an aesthetic eye and sculpting hands. At Hogue Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Hogue is the surgeon artist that performs the laser liposuction procedures. Not all laser liposuction techniques are the same. Anyone considering laser liposuction should do their homework to determine their best treatment options. We believe your best choice for laser liposuction is Dr. Hogue at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery.

Laser liposuction by Hogue uses the most effective and innovative techniques available in the industry to transform your treated fat space using a powerful laser.  Internal temperatures of the heated fat space are continuously monitored during the laser lipolysis portion of the procedure to ensure the fat melting is at the optimal temperature, neither too hot, nor too cold.  The overall heating of the targeted fat space shrinks nutrient carrying blood vessels within the fat space, thereby making the treated fat areas more likely to preserve their newly sculpted shape, and less likely to enlarge or get fatter. Once the fat space has been sufficiently heated up and the fat cells melted (laser lipolysis), the artistry begins (liposculpting). Using custom liposuction cannulas, Dr. Hogue sculpts and removes fat with artful precision.

The laser liposuction procedure is perhaps the most artistic and technically challenging procedure that Dr. Hogue performs at Hogue Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Hogue has pioneered and perfected the laser liposuction procedure since its inception when SmartLipo® first became FDA cleared for use in the United States. In its purest, most effective form, laser lipolysis is performed first before any suctioning of fat is performed, not the reverse order. This allows the fat to be melted with powerful laser energy pulses. Minimally traumatic suction cannulas with small holes capable of sucking up the melted fat are then used to minimize trauma to the blood vessels and connective tissues during the liposculpting portion. This maximizes fat removal while minimizing bleeding and disruption to the fat tissue architecture.

Dr. Hogue specializes in the safest form of anesthesia for liposuction ever invented, the Tumescent Technique. This uses an infiltrative dilute local anesthetic fluid containing lidocaine, epinephrine, and sodium bicarbonate to completely numb the targeted fat space. Using a combination of artistry and innovative techniques, Dr. Hogue consistently achieves world-class results for his laser liposuction patients.

To showcase his surgical artistry, Dr. Hogue has provided a Gallery of ‘BEFORE and AFTER’ photos for your viewing on this website.

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